Established in 1975 by Founder Gary Chervenell, the company has for over 40 years provided high-quality construction projects throughout Central and Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon. Known for delivering complicated projects within difficult timelines and on the budget, the company has a rich history of coming up with intuitive and creative solutions to provide our clients with the highest level of service.

The company has extensive experience with K-12 and Higher Education projects. In school construction, opening late is not an option. Timelines have always been a major part of our culture. We believe in creating a project atmosphere that is urgent and efficient.

In addition to education, Chervenell’s project experience includes Medical, Professional, Office, Religious, Food Service, Winery/Brewery, Public Safety, Retail, and Agricultural. The exposure to such a vast assortment of projects is a big advantage when it comes to analyzing construction techniques, materials, budgets, and quality control. Chervenell often takes concepts that are popular in one building type and utilizes them in another.

Chervenell is licensed in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Our primary service area is within 120 miles of our corporate headquarters in Kennewick. However, we have extended beyond this area to service repeat clients requiring activities beyond our region. We value our relationships with our clients and designers and look for the opportunity to continue successful partnerships. When a solid team is assembled, there is little that can hold the project back.

Safety is critical at Chervenell. The company has a partnership with the AGC Safety Team and AGC Retro Program and has received numerous accolades and awards from each for performance beyond others within the industry. We work each day to make sure all our workers are safe! The results are more productive workers, higher quality projects, lower turnover, and cost-effective business which brings value to our employees and our clients.

In 2017, Opp & Seibold Construction merged into Chervenell. The event gives the company a long-term and consistent presence in the Walla Walla Valley to continue to provide the great service clients were accustomed to by Opp & Seibold. The merger will provide more resources for all involved and many opportunities to share and leverage resources.